Galaxy Forex

Fed up with poor returns from your bank?
Bored with non-performance from the FTSE?
You need Galaxy, the innovative automatic trading software.

Introducing Galaxy
Galaxy is a revolutionary trading software, available for the first time to those outside an exclusive group of investors. A unique product never seen before, the Galaxy platform enables speculative investors to trade funds in the currency markets without lifting a finger.


Setting up Galaxy is simple. Just open up one or more broker accounts, deposit funds, and give Galaxy access to your new account. Using unique insight, specialist research and real-time news feeds, the Galaxy software makes trading decisions in milliseconds, reacting instantly to market changes and influences - no human action required.

Our results speak for themselves: Galaxy has consistently delivered significant returns to an exclusive group of clients year after year. Many clients have seen returns of 100% or more on their broker accounts annually, all without lifting a finger!

Background & Development
In the wake of the 2008 financial collapse, it was clear that an immense resource was ready to be embraced for serious financial gain: the foreign exchange markets – Forex. However, it was also evident that these markets were unpredictable, and the majority of participants inevitably lost money.


After years of working in the finance industry, the creators of Galaxy realised there was a better way to trade on the currency markets. Armed with the knowledge that currency trading requires extreme discipline at all times, the team saw a new way forward: the complete elimination of the human - and emotional - elements. In 2010, they began developing Galaxy.

The basic concept of Forex starts from the fact that every country has a currency (even if many of the EU countries share one). Each currency has its own exchange rate against all others. The major currencies are the US dollar, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Euro, Swiss Franc and Canadian Dollar. Each currency has an exchange rate against the others: as one comes down, the other goes up.


Already, it is evident that there are simply too many aspects in play for any individual to form a reliable opinion of the process, its constant fluctuations and its many potential configurations. Add to the mix other major currencies such as the Australian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Swedish and Norwegian Krona, and there are already 30 or more currency pairs to choose from. Galaxy’s creators knew that the only way to make Forex trading reliable for investors was to replace human involvement with digitalised, automated processes.


How The Software Works
Galaxy runs on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform, used by thousands of brokers worldwide. MT4 can be downloaded as an app on most mobile devices, enabling you to view your broker accounts anywhere, at any time. Over 8 years, the Galaxy Team has developed the most
sophisticated software in existence to offer automatically trading in accordance with pre-programmed parameters. The software is specific to MT4, an established platform that ensures reliability for our clients at all times.

Galaxy hosts its software on clients’ own broker accounts. This places it outside regulatory requirements, a key point to understand when entering into an agreement with Galaxy. When you become a Galaxy client, you open your own broker account(s) with a suitable broker identified by the Galaxy team. You fund these accounts with your own resources via your existing bank account, and pass the account details on the Galaxy for the purposes of running the software. While Galaxy is charged with running the software on your accounts, all funds remain in your possession, and can only ever be returned to the bank account from where they originated. As a client, you remain in control.


As a result of client demand, Galaxy is currently being coded to run on MT5, C-Trader and the main banking Forex systems. Our bank Forex facility will be exclusively available to clients investing a minimum of £100,000.


Why Galaxy Works

Six key aspects to the successful operation of the Galaxy software

1. Brokers
Galaxy has a team dedicated to profiling the thousands of brokers operating through MT4. We are committed to working only with brokers operating at the highest levels of integrity to ensure (as far as possible) the best price execution for our clients.


Galaxy advises clients of the best brokers to use. The Galaxy team also constantly reviews brokers already in use on the platform, and if one becomes less effective, we immediately advise you to switch to another broker. We recommend that you follow our advice and switch brokers when required to ensure your funds continue to trade effectively.


The Galaxy software currently handles over 2,500 individual client broker accounts for each trade that it carries out. It is important that you keep your accounts up to date. Please also advise our team if you change broker, so that we can ensure any new broker updates the platform and you do not miss out.



2. Research

The Galaxy team undertakes a thorough study of the past trading of each currency pair, as well as an in-depth examination of the comprehensive records available to us. We also work alongside experts at major banks, who provide to-the-minute advice on how the key fundamentals are being viewed by the market. Our research also gives an insight into the risk level, a factor used by the software to make money management decisions.

3. Real-Time News Feeds 
Market-moving news announcements are scheduled at specified times daily. As the market can move very suddenly on a news announcement, constant access to the fastest news flow available is vital. Galaxy uses several news feeds concurrently and can pick up the fastest feed at any given time. Our team is currently in the process of incorporating into the Galaxy software the capability to instantly read important announcements and pick out key words and phrases from which to trade.

4. Money Management

Effective fund management is critical to the successful operation of the software. All calculations are processed by the software in accordance with pre-determined parameters related to the financial value of the account, including contract size, position size and leverage.

5. Computing
All Galaxy computing is handled via the Cloud. We have over 100 servers worldwide, including in New York, London and Paris, through which the software operates.

6. Software & Coding
The Galaxy code responsible for handling all aspects of the business was intricately developed over 8 years so that by 2018 it has become one of the most sophisticated and successful active trading services available anywhere. Our team constantly makes additions and refinements to ensure Galaxy is always performing at the optimum level.


A dedicated team of 10-12 coders work full-time on all aspects of the software, including money management, broker analysis, trading triggers, news feeds and more. The code is strictly proprietary and not available through any other source. It is not sold and remains the property of its owners at all times.



Performance so far/Example Results

The table below show Galaxy’s performance over the last four years against the Dow Jones Industrial
Average (DJIA), FTSE 100, US 10 year bond market and Gold.
This information is taken directly from the MT4 platform on the 31/12/2017




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